Mentoring Spirit

Mentoring Spirit

"Human Resource is the key driving force for any Industries. Any decision made for HR is crucial and has long term implications. We support our clients in finding, recruiting and placing the candidates. Our team ensures that the screening for suitable candidates is done with full ownership and responsibility. Lesser turn-around-time and prompt action on feedback is the mantra. Our business relations with the clients are long run and our feedback speaks for us."

Komal (Laksh)

"Students and Parents look upon us and it is our responsibility to not let them down. Students are comfortable with sharing their concerns, fears and challenges and our mentors and the team help them with the best solutions and guidance. We ensure that they find our centers as not only educational institutes but also as places where they can open up, overcome their weaknesses, build their strengths and make themselves ready for the industry"

Ayushi (CL Allahabad)

"The most dynamic and unpredictable yet the most important ingredient for success is the right selection of people. Our clients find Panacea as the most reliable service providers. Our screening process, channelizing and operations duly meet the industrial standards and the way we execute is what makes us the market leaders. The people we place are satisfied with the workplace and the client organizations are happy with the people. As a service provider what else do you need ?"

Jaya (Laksh)

"Each day is an opportunity and each moment with panacea is learning and growth. Interacting with industry experts and business veterans gives us immense learning and grooms one for a better professional efficiency. I believe in empathy with the clients and sincerity in execution of the assigned tasks. Individual growth is subject to organizational growth and I ensure that I deliver the best."

Sneha (Laksh)

"As a mentor I try to give all my experience, think like a student, think about their doubts, try to do more one to one counseling regarding both rounds (written and PDP) N number of times. I try to motivate and inspire them and follow the training module to help them in achieving their goals. As an academic head I co-ordinate with each and every student to develop their problem solving ability and their personality. I also take a number of marathon classes in training session form where I involve myself with the students to discuss the fundas and try to increase their confidence from x to 9x."

Abhishek (CL Rewa)

"Being a member of the organization I soon come to sense the culture of the organization. The concept of culture is particularly important when attempting to manage an organization. Panacea provides a stable environment in which its employees can develop and exercise their skillss"


"Any activity that an organization does with the prospects either creates a business share or creates a mind share and it is upto us how to convert the business share into long run mind share and mind share into further business share. As a media coordinator I ensure that the initiatives we take are spread across the society, so that we can spread the message for the motive. We ensure that our initiatives are directed towards positivity and leave a mark of happiness among our clients, the society, team and everyone."

Divya (CL Allahabad)

"Education creates nation. There is just one reason behind our leadership in the education and training industry and that is - Dedication. We are a team that is dedicated for building intelligent and competitive Human Capital. The results are the end product and the indicator of our efficiency and dedication. We guide and mentor each student in such a way that the student finds himself energized, motivated and ready for future opportunities."

Sanjeev (CL Allahabad)

"I consider marketing as one of the most challenging and at the same time vibrant and rewarding function. Team panacea and the mentors here are open to industry feedback and our management is very pro active in putting across the requisite changes. I treat each day as a new opportunity to overcome our fears and to prove ourselves. With dynamic industry and immense learning possibilities working with the young, energetic and operationally efficieant team, Panacea People is the best workplace."

Aatif (CL Allahabad)

"Finance as a function need discipline and high degree of operational accuracy. On one hand we have to balance the various invesment proportions on the other hand undue expenses are to be monitored, controlled and replaced with suitable alternatives. Being a part of finance team requires 24x7 thought process for delivering the required performance. I am working with team Panacea from more than a decade and I find the management very supportive."

Gyan (back end team)

"Heading and educational institute is a work that demands discipline, dedication and dynamism. We have to guide and nurture each student as our family member and at the same time ensure that the center operations are as per the standards. The feedback and suggestions that come across are duly responded and the courses we run fit right into the demands of the candidate. Good results and success stories have always been our legacy and it is a responsible team that maintains it and takes it to a higher level each day."

Tarun (CL Allahabad)

"Accounting is a matter of discipline, regularity and accuracy. One has to ensure all three aspects. We maintain the financial records and this in turn is needed for decision making and analytical purposes. So I train my team to be absolutely careful in their roles so the as a team and as an organization we grow and lead the marketplace."

Tathagat (back end team)

"There are internal customers and external customers and my role gives me an opportunity to interact with both. Maintaining stocks, keeping a close track on the stock levels and at the same time corrdinating with the HO is need of the role. I strongly recommend and practice punctuality, ownership and timeliness. Constant interaction with the students helps me to learn more about the opportunities in providing services"

Shashi (back end team)

"Being a mentor to so many professionals is a two-way learning process each day adds to my skills and makes be a better professional. My students find comfort in interacting with me and sharing their challenges with me. I take it as my responsibility to motivate and guide them towards their goals and success in their career as efficient and able leaders."

Divisha (Cl Allahbad)

"Panacea is a great place to work! The people who work here are wonderful: intelligent,ambitious, motivated nd most important is FUN! The management team welcomes constructive feedback on business processes from every level of organisation. Meeting new people and talking / managing clients everyday is the best part of the job. There is lot of freedom and ways to show improvement and your skills. It is very exciting to be a part of such a fast growing organisation."

Ruchika Puri (Property Utsav)

"Panacea believes in providing end to end solution to its clients. Training and Educating is one end and ensuring their successful placement in the right institution is the other end. I ensure that the students find the most suitable and rewarding place for their professional studies which is pivotal for their success and growth in career"

Akarshita Prasad (CL Allahabad)