Why Work With Us

Why Work With Us

Assignments & Projects

Panacea provides a very open and exciting place to put your management skills to the test. This could be in the form of challenging client engagements and projects where you would require devising new ways to address burning client issues.

Due to our strong links and association with research we have access to a plethora of data sources which could aid you in servicing client needs. Panacea professionals try and marry the diverse data sets to the data requirements of its clients. Panacea is not just exclusively for seasoned or experienced management professionals, we also provide a great learning place for qualified students / graduates and working professionals who would like to add to their repertoire of professional skills.

HR Practices

We pride ourselves for the accessible and employee friendly HR practices that we run. This could be in the terms of employee training and workshops and sponsored academic programs which we might offer to deserving employees. We are an equal opportunity employer and appreciate individuals who nurture a vision for collective growth and development.

We provide cross functional domain rotation for candidates who show individual initiative. For example, a candidate who shows considerable productivity in data processing with good client management skills can also be considered for training workshops which equip the candidate for taking higher responsibilities in CRM analytics and consulting.

We make work fun and try to strike a right balance where employees are not encouraged to carry work home. Panacea employees try and get it right the first time and quality for us is just not a concept in the books but a way of life. Any individual and team work that gains value for the organisation gets duly recognised, appreciated and aptly rewarded by the company.