Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Gaurav Virendra Agrawal

Founder & CEO

Gaurav is a young and dynamic professional and an Alumnus of IIM Lucknow. After a brief experience in his family business of textiles he moved forward to start Panacea People in 2001. The prime idea behind the venture has always been to work as a catalyst for creating a society with better standard of living and success oriented style. After becoming the market leader in Training, Education and Recruitment, Gaurav extended the coverage of his corporate umbrella and ventures in real estate industry with Panacea Quick Bricks. Gaurav believes in teamwork and efficient execution of Ideas. The team finds Gaurav as a mentor, guide and able motivator.

Vishal Gulati

Co-Founder & COO

Vishal holds a Post Graduate degree in Management and he leads the Training, Education, Media and recruitment verticals of Panacea. Since the inception of Panacea, Vishal has played a pivotal role in building a string, integrated, passionate and committed team. He is creative when it comes to marketing and business development. He keeps infusing his team with positivity, motivation and encourages creative ideas for business success and enlarging the market share.

Rahul Khare

Business Partner,
Director, Panacea Quick Bricks India Private Limited

Rahul is a dynamic entrepreneur with an avid interest in marketing. He loves to interact with people and has created a leadership in the real estate space through his expertise in understanding the current expectations of clients, He anchors Panacea Quick Bricks and his philosophy is to play his part well and give the best to the society. The business mode that he anchors is not only successful but also leads the market in Allahabad, Rewa, Lucknow and NCR. His team sees in him an effective leader and a true friend and guide.

Siddharth Virendra Agrawal

Partner, Hanuman Prasad Darbari Lal

Siddhartha has developed incredible entrepreneurial skills and his business ideas have lead to invaluable business growth and development. He is a master in marketing, operations and business development. He loves to share his experiences with the team and guides the team for success.